Swirl is the lightweight, powerful, fast, and beautiful browser that excels in simplicity, privacy, smoothness, and more. This is a browser you won’t find anywhere else.

The most intuitive Browser for UNIX platforms.

Swirl is designed to be simple and stays out of your way while you browse.

Swirl gives you a great experience on all of your devices – it works perfectly on computers running SDesk, and natively supports Apple Silicon when it runs on your Mac.

When you Browse with Swirl, you…

Browse with Privacy.

Not only does the Swirl Web Browser not store or track any information about you, but it can block websites from tracking you, too. Swirl’s implementation of Intelligent Tracking Prevention blocks as many cookies as possible from being stored on your computer – even in memory, all while not sacrificing website functionality — and it is enabled by default. It also contains an incognito mode which only stores cookies in memory (If you have Intelligent Tracking Prevention disabled).

Browse with Options.

You can change the browser background or your default Search Engine, manage Downloads, edit and save pages, find text, and more.

Browse with Efficiency.

You can pin and remove pages on the Home Menu with bookmarks, view and edit pages, and you also get two different autocomplete APIs with the enabled autocomplete API depending on your default Search Engine.vention disabled).

Browse with Innovation.

Swirl’s tab system is unlike any other – You could have thousands of tabs open, and the only RAM increase would be from the increased number of tab icons at the bottom of the browser. This is because Swirl – unlike other browsers – does not stack tabs on top of each other, and instead uses one tab that changes its URL according to the currently selected tab icon. This makes Swirl faster and lighter than any other browser for intense multitasking. The Swirl Tab System can easily be enabled in the settings menu!

Browse with Security.

Swirl will warn you when something is downloaded by default, and ask for your permission. It also blocks potentially unsafe downloads, and tells you how to verify that the download is safe. Swirl also shares the sand-boxing capabilities of most modern browsers.

Swirl for Developers

You can extend Swirl with plugins via an included Lua API. The Swirl plugin documentation is currently being written.

Swirl is preinstalled on SDesk ISOs four and up.

By using Swirl, you agree to the Swirl EULA.