The Faster, more Secure Operating System.

SDesk is a free and open source Linux® operating system that ships with all of the latest technology,

Including GNOME 46, the Wayland Windowing System, a complete LibreOffice suite, and more!

You also get access to exclusive apps like the the Swirl Web Browser.

Simply a better option.

SDesk boots and performs faster than Windows 11 on average, all while retaining a polished User interface you will love. Many of your favorite Windows 11 features can be found in SDesk, such as native window snapping, a system tray, and virtual desktops.

Updates are never forced, and thanks to the rolling release update cycle, the newest software is always a few keystrokes away.

With more and more applications being able to run on Linux, There has never been a better time to switch.

The OS for Anything and Everything.


SDesk includes a complete LibreOffice suite, GNOME 46, and the Geary email client. It truly is a productivity machine.


The Linux family of operating systems are considered to be some of the most secure, reliable, and open operating systems in the world. SDesk provides an elegant twist on your IT workflow, with GNOME 46, and other packages and apps.

Fun & Games

SDesk can run many entertainment apps, including Valve’s game and software distribution platform, Steam. You can also install graphics drivers for your computer to make your experience the best it can be.

Development & Programming

With the wide collection of Unix-like applications included in GNU Coreutils and GNU Binutils, you can make anything from a simple game, to an entirely new operating system. You can also use the Pacman package manager to install more tools.

Creative Works

With multiple native Linux applications available, you can create to your heart’s desire. You can also install tools like Wine to run other creative Windows applications on your machine.


With the GNOME file manager, Nautilus, you can take, save, and — with GNUPG — encrypt notes and other files and never get lost.

Powerful Out of the Box.

SDesk is Arch-Based, and as a result, can utilize great tools like Archiso, and the Pacman package manager.

Get SDesk.

You can switch to SDesk free-of-charge by flashing the official SDesk Disk Image to a USB drive with over 12GB of storage.


You can switch to SDesk by purchasing SDesk Physical Edition. This kit includes an SDesk USB drive, a license and copy of the Blue programming language, and a manual to help you get setup.

First time using SDesk?

The Steve Studios Wiki can help you get started with your new OS:

SDesk for Developers

Learn how to develop for SDesk using a wide array of Cross-Platform APIs that work on most Linux distributions with a single compile.