Blue is a procedural, statically typed, type inferred, cross platform, portable, memory safe, small, and reliable special-purpose programming language with a fast and efficient compiler. It has a high level, efficient syntax designed for max readability for old and new developers alike. It can compile to four popular languages by default, including Haxe, C++, Groovy, Javascript, and allows you to create your own language backends, too.

Not your average Programming Language.

Blue’s compiler includes a Lua engine with an API that allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom language backends with little to no hassle.

code snippet blue programming language

A Beautiful Syntax.

Blue uses a simple syntax which is a pleasure to read and write. It just makes sense!


Purchase Blue

You can purchase a Blue license along with a copy of the language for your computer running the official x86_64 version of Arch Linux (or SDesk, Manjaro, EndeavourOS, and other x86_64 Arch Linux Derivatives) at the Store. All purchases of Blue include free updates forever, and include no subscriptions.

Learn Blue

The Blue Standard Library reference and Blue setup guide are great ways to get started programming with Blue. They can both be found on the Wiki.

By using Blue, you agree to the Blue EULA.